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BONNIE WARREN MUSIC offers a number of different services to members of the music industry and various general communities. You are invited to contact Bonnie – it would be her honor and pleasure to help serve your music needs. 

For Sync Agents/ Music Supervisors, we offer

 - one stop and easy clear songs and instrumentals in various moods, genres, and tempos, for placement in ads, film, tv, and games.  

 - collaborations.

For Artists, we offer: 


  • Original songs for your projects. We have a very large and varied catalogue.

  • In certain instances, the tracks can be leased and you can simply add your vocals. 

 -    Co-writing/ Collaborations to help you write the best song(s) for       your brand of artistry. 

 -    Access to professional photographers, website designers, producers in various genres, and more.


For Special Occasions, we offer: 


  • Original customized songs to commemorate your special occasion. 


For Community groups/ Organizations, we offer:


 -    Interesting (generalized) presentations on songwriting and music production.  We presented “The Magic and Mystery Of Making Music” to an local organization, and it was this community’s  most well attended and enjoyed presentation.

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