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“My philosophy about making music is that first and foremost, I appreciate all the unique gifts that everyone brings to the table on a music project. I feel that working together on music stretches everyone’s 'music muscles' in amazing and wonderful ways."  Bonnie Warren

Bonnie Warren is a busy, versatile, creative MULTI-GENRE Songwriter (lyrics/ melody / music; top-lining to Tracks; Solo Writes and Collabs), with a large and very diverse catalogue.  She is based in Philadelphia and Nashville, and works with talent  (artists, writers, producers) in person, and virtually everywhere. 


RECENT ACTIVITY (2020-present)



- Placement with THE CLIMATE REALITY PROJECT (Founder and Chairman Former Vice President Al Gore) for use throughout their world wide Zoom program on climate change initiatives titled "24 Hours of Reality".  Song: "A Quiet Old Voice" (R.Keith Swanson / B.Warren) 


- Two Sync Placements with SUBARU OF AMERICA 

Song: "My Subaru" (H.Meade/B.Warren).


- A variety of songs represented by well-known sync agencies both here and abroad, including London based AM Licensing (Amelia McCloskey), and Nashville based Washington Street Publishing and Syncology Music.



Her artist placements include 29 indie cuts in seven (7) different genres. Bonnie works with a number of artists who have been on THE VOICE, including Manny Cabo, Audra McCloughlin, and Keegan Farrell. 



Her songs have won a variety of awards, including a “Song of the Year” at the POSI Awards two years in a row (2019/20), Song of the Year at the MIDWEST CMA AWARDS with the Band of the Year (Lake & Lyndale) in 2019,  and the GRAND PRIZE at the Pensacola Songwriters Festival in 2016, and was a featured performer there as well. 


Bonnie has a deep understanding of the music industry. She spends time on the creative side and on the business side of the business. She has been performer in a folk cover band and has also judged performance and songwriting contests; She has co-coordinated a non-profit music organization, booked a venue, and organized educational, networking and showcase events for the music community. Additionally,  she has developed a “Summer Music In The Park Series, written music feature articles for an Arts Magazine, and has volunteered at Grammy In The Schools events and at local festivals.   She has served on panels at local music events, including the ALL MUSIC FEST in Ambler PA (2020), and has offered presentations about music topics to local communities and organizations. 

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